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Alphanon Consultants was established in 1994 by a group of addictions professionals to further develop the concept of treatment alternatives for people who would otherwise be left to their addictions and criminal activity. We were of the opinion that a potential loss of human capital was increasing because of poor or tardy identification of issues that rendered the individual subject to repeated unsuccessful treatment, inconsistent employment, incarceration and the undermining of social and family fabric. Our experience as therapists, program developers in various treatment milieus and our willingness to go to the client, commends us to a large niche in both the business and private community. These individuals are corporate executives to young people beginning their careers in life.

We are a company of professionals who are as comfortable doing assessments in provincial and federal institutions and corporate offices. We believe that our role in pre-sentencing in extreme case provides the judicial system with viable alternative and significant cost savings while providing much more optimistic potential outcomes. We have been engaged pro bona since 1999 in the development of treatment alternatives program in provincial institutions that has culminated in the “Alternate Solution” treatment plan proposed for the Burch facility.

Alphanon Consultants provides EAP services for companies of all sizes and employee levels. In 1997 we expanded our services to include human resource management training and development.

Today we continue to provide confidential consulting services at all levels to assist in the saving of dollars, job and productivity loss and the successful reconnection of individuals who find themselves in need of objective support and expert experience.

If you think we may be of some assistance don't hesitate to contact us.
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