Legal Assistance For Those In Conflict With The Law Involving Drugs And Alcohol

Legal Assistance
Alphanon Consultants, Inc. is pleased to provide the opportunity to enhance your service delivery for clients in conflict with the law regarding drug and alcohol.

With the ever increasing number of cases before the courts involving this client group, the judicial system continues to appreciate sentencing alternatives that provide a more positive outcome.

Alphanon's thirty years of combined experience in the field of assessment, rehabilitative options and expert court report/testimony is continuing to advocate sentencing alternatives for this client group.

Alphanon Consultants, Inc. believes that this client group are in need of recovery options outside of correctional facilities to discourage the current trend of revolving door offenders who are motivated by their addiction rather than criminality.

Upon request of client's legal representative our people go wherever necessary to meet with your client whether it be at a correctional facility, a place of your convenience or at our offices.

The process as five steps:
  • Consultation with legal counsel, legal guardian and client.
    • Understand the team goal and plan.
    • Discuss fee structure.
  • Initial intake interview with client to discuss general history to date
    • Individual information gathering to develop an assessment.
    • Author report.
  • Development of a treatment plan.
    • Individual development of alternatives based upon the the initial assessment.
    • Author plan and initiate service required services.
  • Facilitate therapeutic maintenance and support prior to connecting with local resources.
    • We provide therapeutic support as necessary until such time as any necessary services or support are in place.
    • Meet as needed to realize the goals as outlined by the treatment plan.
  • Generate a court report providing assessment and potential sentencing alternative.
    • A court document that provides:
      • the initial assessment
      • the treatment plan
      • summary of progress to date
      • ties the process to sentencing alternatives for the courtís consideration.

Court attendance and testimony as required.
Liaison with authorities as required for pre-sentencing recommendations.

At that time, an initial assessment will take place to facilitate providing you with a court report, and expert testimony, if necessary, that will provide an accurate, addictive profile, treatment alternatives and sentencing recommendations. The services provided are covered by the tariff mandate of legal aid as well as a private tariff schedule.

We feel that these services will alleviate a substantial amount of time task pressures for you and the courts as well as providing productive and healthy options for all concerned.

Please feel free to browse our site and if you think we may be of some assistance don't hesitate to contact us.

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